Pricing Questions 

A: Because the bulk of the work is done in the first year, we don’t think it’s right to continue charging the same fee if we aren’t doing the same amount of work.

A: This encourages us to provide value in other ways than just investment returns. It also eliminates conflict of interest for us to recommend you put extra dollars towards your investment accounts. And, many solopreneurs don’t have assets to manage because they are putting their money back into their business, but still need objective advice in other areas of their financial lives.

A: Only once you are 100% satisfied with the Final Action Plan will you be billed.


Process Questions

A: YNAB is a budgeting software that stands for You Need A Budget and MoneyGuidePro is a financial planning software. While budgets and financial plans are similar in that they both guide our financial lives, they serve different purposes. Financial plans outline what we hope to accomplish in the future, while budgets ensure our current lifestyle and spending habits align with our future goals found in the financial plan. Budgets focus on the present, while financial plans focus on the future.

A: The Action Plan is a one-page document that is delivered to clients at the end of Phase 1. The Action Plan lists the client’s Core Values/Non-negotiables, the Bucket List Items they’d like to complete over the coming year, and the major Action Items that need to be completed over the coming year. Each year clients will receive a new, updated Action Plan based on what was accomplished over the prior year, and what needs to be accomplished during the coming year.

A: No. While our planning process is designed to take place over many years (or decades depending on age and situation), if you no longer see the value in working together, you may end the relationship at any time. This challenges us to continually provide value to our clients.


Other Common Questions

A: Yes!

A: Yes!

A: Yes!

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